Apps I use

File SyncSyncthingp2p Dropbox alternative
File StorageProtonDriveDeGoogle; encryption-at-rest; sync, in future
File SharingIPFSp2p1
ChatElementdecentralized moderation
BrowserBraveDeGoogle; chromium-based; peer-to-peer encrypted sync; decentralized-love; anti-censorship
Password ManagerPass with GPGplain-text; git; gpg
Desktop setupXMonadTiling windows; better automation
Editor / IDEVSCodeUX; remote editing; extensions
Note takingNeuronOpen source; future-proof
Programming LanguageHaskell, No JavaScript, etc.statically-typed; FP

To consider

  • Google Domains -> ??
  • Android -> some Linux phone
  • GitHub -> radicle2 (for repo hosting, project management and discovery)
  • YouTube -> (use TubeShift when watching on YouTube)
  1. Needs a IPFS pinning service for data permanence. IPFS Cluster is one way to achieve this.

  2. Radicle holds a lot of promise, but it is still in too early a phase for switching active projects.