In the forefront of my mind

What’s been occupying my mind lately:

  • Explore Rust for No JavaScript full-stack web development
  • Entrepreneurship experiment to improve local businesses
  • Use more of open-source / decentralized apps; see Apps I use
  • Rememorate and restore a peak experience I had back in 2008; and generally enrich everyday life in that direction.

In semi- back burner, but to be picked up soon’ish:

  • Neuron 2.0 release
    • We could use more volunteeers in Neuron. Contact me if you need mentorship help with Haskell in the context of contributing to Neuron; I’d be happy to help!
  • Take client work on domains I already specialize on (Obelisk, Reflex-FRP). Contact me or Monadfix if you have a project in mind.