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Org mode

This is an unpublished draft

Org mode is an extension to Emacs allowing one to effectively manage notes and tasks using plain-text files.

Text files are underrated

Over the years I’ve used several “note taking” systems—ranging from Evernote, to OneNote, to some fancy outliners whose name I can’t even readily recall.

They all have one common downside: note rot—a term I coined from bit rot—to denote the process by which notes written in a custom software gradually get outdated as the said software gets no longer used on a regular basis.

Managing notes in a text file avoids this problem, as it is not tied to any custom software.


Text files however lack the structuredness that we need in long-term note taking. This is where orgmode comes into picture.


Using doom-emacs,


Sridhar Ratnakumar